Incasa Sneak Plate Iroko

Wooden Serving Plate with Unique Design – Iroko Wood Heart Shaped Platter by Wooden Republic – Suitable Board for Coffee&Dessert – Great Housewarming Gift

  • Material: Iroko
  • Dimensions (inch): 8.66 x 6.69 x 1.5

MADE OF IROKO WOOD: It’s is maden by iroko and lubricated with natural oil. It is suitable for long-term use when properly cared for. Since it is made by hardwood, it’s durable and stable

HANDWASH ONLY: It should be washed by your hand while cleaning. You must avoid to use dishwasher and prefer to wipe with mineral oil or olive oil after cleaning to stay it bright.

EASY TO USE: You only need soap and water to clean it and it can be used for multi-purposes which makes people life easier.

VERSATILITY: Prepared for multi-purpose food and drink presentations. While you’re drinking your tea or coffee in one side of your hearth, chocolate, cake or another dessert will accompany you on the other sidde of your hearth.

GREAT GIFT: It’s a nice kitchen tool to give to your friends or family members on special days. It will make the gift holders happy because it is easy to clean, multi-purpose product and has a unique design.