Our Story

Our Story


Are you ready to be a part of the Wooden Republic?

With the inspiration we get from nature, we redesign the presentation and fine dining culture by combining natural and minimal style. With our wooden products made from unique trees, we revive the feeling of purification that comes from touching a tree. We continue our journey starting from the purest form of tree, until we transform the wood into the most aesthetic and practical form.

With our unique products designed in many types, from catering concepts to decoration products, we bring naturalness to every space we take place in, we awaken not only the senses, but also the most missed feelings hidden in the subconscious.

We combine the natural with functionality and elegance with our products designed through different concepts for different areas of use. We believe that the more we combine the texture and energy of wood with living spaces, the more powerful the nature gets.

Thank you for choosing Wooden Republic products that bring the healing power of trees to living spaces.

The first gaze off into the products, then discover the aspects of wood that appeal to all the senses, and then return to your essence with a unique feeling of purification you will experience…

Nature is always with you with Wooden Republic!

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