Tagam Middy Bowl Walnut

Tagam Middy Bowl Walnut

Rectangle Wooden Bowl – Walnut Wood Handmade Bowl for Serving Nut, Candy and Appetizer by Wooden Republic – Perfect Housewarming Present for Table Setting

  • Material: Walnut
  • Dimensions (inch): 6.26×4.22×1.18

MADE OF WALNUT WOOD: Bowl is hand crafted from beautiful iroko hardwood and lubricated with natural oil. It is suitable for long-term use when properly cared for.Since it is made by hardwood, it’s durable and stable.

HANDWASH ONLY: It should be washed by your hand while cleaning. You must avoid to use dishwasher and prefer to wipe with mineral oil or olive oil after cleaning to stay it bright.

EASY TO USE: You only need soap and water to clean it and it can be used for multi-purposes which makes people life easier.

MULTIPURPOSE: Prepared for multi-purpose food presentations which will allows you to prepare nuts, candy and fruit presentation for yourself and guests. It is elegant and decorative.

GREAT GIFT: It is convenient to use at home or to use as a practical housewarming present on any occasion. Surprise your loved ones with wooden bowl that they can use for many years to come.

Usage Areas of Product

  • Rectangle Wooden Bowl
  • Iroko Wood Handmade Bowl for Serving Nut, Candy and Appetizer
  • Perfect Housewarming Present for Table Setting

Handmade: Wooden Republic offers variety of qualified handmade wooden products in different wooden raw materials such as cherry, iroko and walnut.

Long Lasting Durability: Serving plates are maden by Iroko, Walnut and Cherry material. Due to hardwood, maximized stability and durability provided for customers when they supply these products.They are resistant to rot and decay. Take a look at our long lasting serving bowls.

Handwash Only: It is not suitable for washing machine. After washing by hand, it should be dried and periodically lubricated with an organic oil (mineral oil or olive oil) to stay it bright. It is suitable for long-term use when properly cared for.

Multipurpose: Our wooden products are suitable for multipurposes usage. Serving bowls are proper for presentation of Nuts, Salad, Dip Sauce, Condiment and Candy.

Perfect Gift: Wooden Republic provides couple of kitchen tools not only for yourself, but also for your family members and friends as a gift in special days. It’s practical cleaning structure (water and soap), multi-purpose usage and efficient size offers happiness for people.


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